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Continuously optimizing prices to match demand can boost revenues by 30%. Corrily automates this process through its LivePrice API allowing you to run tests across your prices until optimal ones are found.

Regardless of your business constraints, LivePrice is flexible enough to accommodate different forms of price optimization. Use cases include:

  • Cosmetic localiztion: begin displaying and charging visitors in their local currency
  • Fixed Market localization: adjust prices across markets using fixed adjustments (such as a country's purchasing power)
  • Optimal Market localization: adjust prices across markets by running price optimization tests

Getting started

Follow the guide most appropriate to your use case:

These describe how prices are fetched and displayed to users.

Payment gateway integrations can be found here:

Finally, Corrily requires knowledge of user events (such as charge or subscription events) to be sent to it. These are used to train the optimization model and for analytics and reporting purposes:

If you do not have an API key yet, you can email us at, to get a dev key.

Asking for help

Don't be shy... we're here to help! You can email us at

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